Cory Graham
Engineer, Environment, Climate and Parks

2022 Orphaned and Abandoned Mines Rehabilitation Program Update.

The Orphaned and Abandoned Mines (OAM) Rehabilitation Program was transferred to Environment, Climate and Parks from the Mines branch in the fall of 2019.  Since that time the program has undergone rapid growth, with the aim of the work to continue to address environmental and public safety concerns at orphaned and abandoned mine sites in Manitoba.

OAM has successfully completed two multiyear construction projects, Ruttan and Sherridon, and has awarded contracts for development of remediation plans at additional sites.  The program has also launched a number of initiatives in order to manage other aspects of former mines. The subprogram focuses on water treatment and environmental monitoring at six select sites, while the Care, Maintenance & Surveillance program manages monitoring, site assessment, and infrastructure at 33 sites, where some level of remediation previously occurred.

There currently are 153 sites within the program, all of which have been, or are in the process of being assessed in accordance with public sector accounting requirements in order to inform the provincial liabilities.



Cory Graham is a professional engineer who has been working with the Orphaned and Abandoned Mines program, in Environment, Climate and Parks for the past few years.  Cory is project lead on several ongoing contracts for site remediation and liability assessment, with her primary focus currently on managing the subprogram which is responsible for the annual treatment of large volumes of impacted acidic mine drainage prior to off site discharge and associated environmental monitoring at select OAM sites.

Cory previously was with the Environmental Approvals branch, and was responsible for licensing, permiting, and design/construction assessment reviews for a wide variety of material management developments including solid waste, hazardous waste, recycling, composting, and wastewater systems ranging from small private, to municipal, to the large City of Winnipeg and Brandon facilities.