David Stevenson

David Stevenson
Co-Founder & Chief Geoscientist; Kenorland Minerals Ltd.

Kenorland’s approach and entrance into Manitoba: An overview of our greenfield’s projects

Kenorland Minerals is a Canadian based exploration company with a focus on acquiring early-stage, district scale land packages and advancing these projects through an exploration pipeline. This talk will highlight Kenorland’s broad scale targeting strategy with emphasis on why Kenorland believes Manitoba remains a frontier for discovery. David will demonstrate how Kenorland’s projects cover the key components of a mineral systems approach to targeting while walking down through scale to illustrate Kenorland’s exploration systematics.


David Stevenson is a mineral exploration geoscientist with a passion for understanding the relationship between lithospheric architecture and mineral systems. As a co-founder and chief geoscientist of Kenorland Minerals David employs a multi-scale approach to target commodities from the craton scale down through drill target definition.