Jessica Bjorkman
Prospector, Bjorkman Prospecting

Prospecting to Advance Exploration

The goal of exploration is to develop a mine and prospectors play an important part in the process of advancing Mineral Exploration  towards a mine. There is a saying, “Mines are made, not found” and this is true. Prospectors are skilled at making new discoveries through their known “gold fever” and tangible presence of “boots on the ground;” but just as important, they contribute to building databases affordably and effectively to focus drilling targets. Jessica will talk about why prospectors are key to discoveries and databases and how this can advance projects. She will speak about the importance of prospecting education and support going forward.


Jessica Bjorkman learned prospecting from her father Karl Bjorkman. Often alongside her family, Jessica has been prospecting across Canada for over 25 years on various exploration projects. She teaches annual prospecting courses in the Northwest Territories for the past decade. She volunteered as a director, vice-president and president of the Northwestern Prospectors Association for five years, during which time she advocated for prospectors during the roll-out of Ontario’s new mining act, by serving on the Minister’s Mining Act Advisory Committee and the Land Management Advisory Committee. She worked closely with the Ministry of Northern Development and Mines to establish the Double Assessment Credit program to promote prospecting. Jessica loves to mentor new prospectors, and also loves working on a team where she is mentored by fellow prospectors and geologists. She is passionate about the Mineral Exploration Industry and all the great people she has the privilege to meet while working across Canada.