John Rankin
Geomatics Sales Consultant, Eagle Mapping

Introduction to LiDAR and its applications in Mineral Exploration and Mine Development

This presentation will cover a brief history of LiDAR, how it works, and the deliverables that can be created from it. The primary deliverables from LiDAR will be discussed with the resolutions and accuracies that are obtainable. The presentation will be complete with real world examples within the mining industry showing how LiDAR products benefit the industry from initial exploration to final mine site and infrastructure development. In summation a brief explanation on how to evaluate a LiDAR proposal will be given. The ability to evaluate a LiDAR proposal will enable potential users to compare multiple offerings from different suppliers regardless of the systems and methods of collection used.


John holds a B.Sc. in Physical Geography with an emphasis on remote sensing from the University of Calgary as well as a technical diploma from the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology in surveying and photogrammetry.

John has been employed within the photogrammetry/LiDAR industry for the last 25 years involved in data collection and processing, project management, planning, execution, and quality control. He has provided 2D and 3D digital datasets to municipal and federal governments as well as most resource sectors including forestry and mining. John has intimate knowledge of LiDAR deliverables and how they can be applied to projects of a few hectares to thousands of square kms.

John is presently employed as a LiDAR consultant assisting mineral companies in choosing the best products to fit their exploration and development needs.