Vale Poster Competition

Students wishing participate in the poster competition are eligible for cash prizes of $500 and $250 in each category.

  1. Robert K. Amissah (MSc / UM): Ore mineralogy and textures of the metamorphosed low-sulfidation epithermal Haile Deposit
  2. Wileand H. Boehme (PhD / UM): Characterizing the host lithology and ore mineralogy of gold mineralization along the LP Fault Zone within the Great Bear Deposit, Ontario
  3. Lillian N. Glodowski (MSc / UM): Investigation of mineralization styles in orogenic gold prospects along the Appleton Fault Zone, northeast-central, Newfoundland
  4. Tyler Hnatiuk (MSc / UM): Determining the origins of Precambrian-hosted carbonates by petrographic observation and trace element investigation, Northern Manitoba, Canada
  5. James Roush (MSc / UNB): A first look at the Tappy, Eagle and F.D. no.5 Pegmatites, Winnipeg River-Cat Lake pegmatite field, southeastern Manitoba
  6. Sina Sabermahani (PhD / UM)Leveraging convolutional neural networks (CNN) and long short-term memory (LSTM) for enhanced quality control of seismic receiver function signals
  7. David Silva (PhD /. UBC): Regional geochemical fractionation trends from the Wekusko Lake pegmatite field, west-central Manitoba
  8. Samuel Tetteh (MSc / UM): Controls on VMS mineralization in the Kamiskotia area: insights from lithogeochemical analysis and 3D modelling

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