Zach Flood
Co-Founder, Director and CEO, Kenorland Minerals Ltd.

Project Generation: The Business of Exploration

Mineral exploration is an extremely high-risk and capital intensive activity where failure is the most likely outcome. In order to operate as a viable business, a company’s exploration strategy is the key to survival and success. Aside from luck, early-stage exploration success often demands sustained expenditures, covering large prospective areas, managed by capable teams. Kenorland Minerals employs a unique model to maximize the exposure to potential discoveries while minimizing shareholder dilution. This has resulted in one significant grassroots gold discovery in northern Quebec, along with an extensive portfolio of additional early-stage exploration assets and interests being funded or advanced by third parties.


Mr. Flood is an economic-exploration geologist with global experience focused on various commodities over the past 15 years. Mr. Flood co-founded Kenorland Minerals in 2016. Prior to Kenorland, Mr. Flood spent numerous years within the Ivanhoe Group, undertaking project generation and business development, including evaluation of early to advanced stage M&A opportunities in the mining sector.