Danniel Oosterman

Vice-President of Exploration
Leeuwin Metals

Leeuwin Metals exploration drive for energy metals in Northern Manitoba

The Province of Manitoba has adopted a critical minerals strategy in order to enhance the capacity and supply chain support for the energy metals required for what is quickly becoming a standard policy position for many Western nations. Leeuwin Metals has two projects that align with this strategy; the William Lake Nickel Project and the Cross Lake Lithium Project.  Leeuwin has had an active year in 2023 exploring for nickel and advancing its lithium project. The scale of the William Lake nickel project is situated in an underexplored portion of the historic Thompson Nickel Belt with an opportunity for defining nickel resources. The Cross Lake lithium project may represent one of the most significant underexplored lithium plays in the province with clear opportunity for a major discovery on the project.