Michelle Nicolas

Chief Geologist

Sedimentary Geoscience
Manitoba Geological Survey

New mapping of the potash in southwestern Manitoba

In Manitoba, the Devonian Prairie Evaporite is a thick sequence of evaporitic beds with three potash members – Esterhazy, White Bear and Belle Blaine – near the top of the formation. Of these three, the White Bear Member is the most extensive, followed by Esterhazy Member, then the Belle Plain Member. The Esterhazy Member hosts Manitoba’s first potash mine, located in the town of Harrowby. New off-confidential potash data from Saskatchewan has resulted in an update in the potash members in that province, which extend east to the Manitoba border, requiring a review of the stratal distribution of the formation and its members. As a result of this work, new mapping of the potash distribution has increased in the potash exploration area in Manitoba, extending north up to Township 25 and farther east to Range 27 W 1st Mer.