Tafa Kennedy

Manitoba Geological Survey

Manitoba Geological Survey – 2023 Project Review

The Manitoba Geological Survey conducts a wide range of investigations, which include the examination of exposed bedrock, subsurface, and surficial sediments including sand, gravel and organic deposits throughout Manitoba. It also provides geoscience support for the regulatory framework and tenure systems managed by Mining, Oil and Gas, which includes oil field-pool code designations, geoscientific review of oil and gas licences and applications, borehole licence reviews, aggregate inquiries and land use designations. By developing an understanding of Manitoba’s geology and geological processes, the MGS provides fundamental data and unbiased technical support to inform government policy and decision-making, mineral exploration, and wise land use management. Manitoba`s geoscientific team has carried out numerous field and office investigations including collaborations with neighboring jurisdictions. The broad range of expertise and projects underway provide a comprehensive cross-section of the Survey’s activities and valuable resources for industry, academia, governments and communities. This presentation will summarise the work carried out by the Geological Survey in 2023.