Tarryn Kim Cawood

Research Scientist
Geological Survey of Canada

Dr. Cawood is a research scientist with the Geological Survey of Canada, studying critical metals in pegmatites and massive sulfide deposits. She specializes in the overlap between economic geology and structure – be it the structural and tectonic controls on where ore deposits may form, or the effects of deformation and metamorphism on pre-existing mineralization. Dr. Cawood spent several years working in production and exploration in the Aggeneys-Gamsberg base metal ore district in her native South Africa, before moving to California, where she obtained her Ph.D. in structural geology and gained experience in orogenic gold systems. Dr. Cawood now lives in Ottawa, and conducts research into what determines the shape and size of rare metal pegmatites; the regional-scale controls on the distribution of lithium-bearing pegmatites; and the effects of deformation on critical metals in volcanogenic massive sulfide deposits.